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Featured Instructors

Jim Hazzard

Principal Engineer, Software Manager, 3DEC Product Manager

Jim Hazzard is a geological engineer with a Ph.D. in geophysics. He has extensive experience in software development for geomechanics and he is currently the Software Manager at Itasca Consulting Group, as well as product manager and primary developer for 3DEC. Dr. Hazzard is also a consultant with Itasca and has worked on several projects evaluating the stability of open pit and underground mines. Other interests include numerical modeling of seismicity and hydraulic fracture. Dr. Hazzard is a registered Professional Engineer in Ontario, Canada.

Andrey Pyatigorets

Senior Software Engineer

Dr. Pyatigorets has an extensive background in software development and computer modeling in the areas of mechanics of materials, geomechanics, physics, and oil & gas (specifically drilling and subsurface engineering). Areas of expertise include research and development, numerical modeling, numerical algorithms, large scale software development (using C/C++/C#/Fortran, etc.), technical writing and editing, and project management. Dr. Pyatigorets also has experience with laboratory testing, specifically in the area of tubulars and premium connections testing and quality assurance. Dr. Pyatigorets is the Software Product Manager for FLAC2D and Griddle software and is also involved in the development and support of FLAC3D.

David DeGagne

Senior Engineer, Technical Marketing

Mr. DeGagné is a geomechanics engineer with experience in rock mechanics, including slurry and paste backfill, and sublevel caving. He has developed an alternative binder using recycled glass for use in backfill and has studied the flow of ore and waste draw in a sublevel cave mine using PFC2D and PFC3D and a parallel-processing option. His consulting experience using numerical modeling encompasses slope stability, open pit mining, and underground mining. Mr. DeGagné is responsible for ICG's technical marketing of software and consulting services.

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